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The online coaching program that will help busy, independent women, towards a balanced and positive life, that lasts a lifetime.

You are a strong woman, you know that.
But inside you struggle, keeping up with everything.
Managing it all.
You feel overwhelmed, you feel emotionally tired.
There are so many things you need to do. 
It feels like a mess.

One side of you wants change, the other side of you thinks: there are people in much worse situations. And then there is the doubt and the uncertainty. You don’t see the possibilities yet, only the inner struggles (hello inner critic, hello perfectionism and trying to be in control) which gives you more pressure and stress.

But since you are an intelligent, self reflective woman, you know, there is only one thing that is holding you back, and that is you (okay and your smart inner critic) from living the life that you are longing for. A life that you truly love.

I’m here to tell you, make the change! It’s time to break out of this pattern that doesn’t serve you.

There are more possibilities for you. Without feeling all of this internal stress. 

It is possible, I’ve seen it all my career. I’ve helped hundreds of women make this transformation.

I know you can create a balanced life filled with positivity and really enjoying all the things in your life.

And I know exactly HOW you can create this.

I can help you with that in my Women in Alignment program.

This is a 4-month online coaching program which includes everything to help you create more inner balance and positivity that lasts a lifetime. We will begin with this coaching program on Tuesday the 4th of October.

This program is the result of 15 years of experience working in the field with women from all over the world. I have successfully coached and helped women. From working moms to ambitious women working in multinational companies, teachers, nurses and doctors, and women at the height of their career.

I know you set high standards for yourself and you like to try to keep up with all the roles and expectations you have as a woman. Together with stressful life-events this can cause feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety and stress. 

I know you feel embarassed, to admit, that there is something that you are longing for. Because on paper, it looks like you’re already living the perfect life. But here is the thing. This is not how you imagined your life. Now that you’ve achieved all that, this is not how you imagined it. You don’t feel it.
You know there must be more.

And there is! Yesss, I have seen this with so many women. And this is possible for you too.

YES, This means my program works for all of you and it will be a valuable use of your time. In fact, this course will save you time.

Elements of the program

In the Women in Alignment program I will use 4 proven pillars for the best results. It’s a combination of all the evidence based tools I have gathered. You will receive all of my best practices as a result of 15 years experience. 

This is the most powerful tool you have, but at the same time it’s your biggest enemy. 
Mindset work will be a big part of the program, because this will help you understand and overcome your internal struggles. For example self-sabotage, perfectionism, overthinking and people-pleasing. It will help you to understand where your feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety are coming from, how to reduce these feelings and how you can increase desirable feelings like calmness, relief, contentment, self love, gratitude and joy. 

Do you know exactly what makes you really happy, and what doesn’t? After this course you will have it crystal clear, so you can easily raise your overall feeling of happiness.
You will learn about gratitude and self-compassion and how that will influence your life satisfaction and well-being. Since I am a huge fan of positive psychology, you will learn techniques and tools that will help you to live your best life – from the inside out.

The energy we”ll do will help you get (and stay) in alignment.
We are happiest when our thoughts and actions are aligned with eachother. When you are in alignment, you can easily follow your intuition and your heart. From where you can create and feel what you need and love. This might sound a bit spiritual, but you will discover how it works in a more practical way, by special made visualisations I will use ( which are more and more becoming a favourite of my clients),
We will remove your energy blocks, so you will feel the flow and reignite that fire inside of you. This will help you become more magnetic to attract what you want in your desired life.

I can teach you a lot about mindset, happiness and energy, but if you are not doing the work, nothing will change. Therefore I will motivate you to make new steps so you will get the most out of this program. You won’t just get practical tips and  -a ‘do it yourself – good luck with it’ manual;)-. You will actually learn how to integrate these methods in your life, so that you will benefit from this for the rest of your life. 

Results of the program

After the Women in Alignment Program you: 

  • Feel EMPOWERED, full of ENERGY and in ALIGNMENT.
  • Have a life with more inner balance & joy.
  • Know what it is that YOU need.
  • Know exactly what makes you happy (in detail).
  • Learned for the rest of your life what helps you to BE and FEEL in alignment.
  • Have tools that you can use on daily basis to help you with your inner struggles; like comparing yourself with others, perfectionism, overthinking, people-pleasing. 
  • Have made the first steps (or many more!) of living your desired life, a life that you LOVE.
  • Have made mindset shifts that will allow you to grow even more and make the steps that you are longing for.
  • Know how you can deal with negative feelings and situations, like stress and anxiety.

Practical information about Women in Alignment

  • It is a 4 month online exclusive coaching program.
  • I will support and motivate you weekly.
  • You will get 2 masterclasses per month – with changing themes, including guest speakers (via zoom). Minimum 8 masterclasses. 
  • RTT Therapist Annegreet van der Lee will do a RTT session (Rapid Transformational Therapy) that will help you with your underlying limiting beliefs and blocks.
  • Raluca Lapuste is a certified yogatrainer. She will help you align your body and soul by doing a visualisation, followed by an online yoga session (suitable for all levels).
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A’s, where you can ask all your questions and where you have the chance to be personally coached (hot seats). That means that you have 8 group coaching sessions.
  • If you can not join a Q&A you can send me your question in advance and I will answer it in the session that will be recorded.
  • An online private Facebook support group – where you can inspire & motivate each other (with the other members of the intimate group). 
  • One 1-1 coaching session of 1 hour with Lydia OR 2 x 1-1 sessions of 30 minutes. You choose.
  • There will be replays of the masterclasses and Q&A’s available for those who can’t join the live sessions.
  • The Coaching Program begins on the 4th of October with the first Masterclass.
  • It will be a small intimate group – so there will be enough personal attention and coaching. I want to create an intimate group where every one feels safe to share and get the most out of this program. So you will live the life that you love. There is a maximum of 10 women.

Early Bird Bonus: You get an extra 1:1 session with Lydia if you sign up before September 24th.


What do others say, about working with me and the results?

If you are ready for a change, Lydia is the one to help you. (R.)

You helped me to listen to my intuition again. I learned that I was mainly listening to this inner critic voice of me. But that was not helping me at all. Now I feel so relieved and so much more at peace. (M.)

I changed in so many ways. With your help, my whole life has changed. I assumed we would only work on my personal problems, but through you it was beneficial for the relationship with my husband and kids, my private life as well as my working life. I can’t thank you enough. (L.)

Thanks to Lydia I discovered new energy to deal with the challenges of my life abroad. (L.)

In the first session I already got so many insights that helped me to feel more empowered. I started the individual 4 month program with Lydia and halfway I achieved all the goals that I set for myself. I felt more inner calmness, more balanced and more self-confident. I don’t force myself anymore and I don’t do things anymore that I think I should do, but only when I want to. I also learned that setting expectations has influenced me how I feel and look at things. I know what I want and I feel empowered in my own choices that I want to make. (A.)

About Lydia

For the ones who don’t know me yet, I am Lydia Koken, 41 years old and I am a psychologist (MsC) and coach for over 15 years. My heart lies within coaching women who are struggling with their mindset, limiting beliefs and for those who are not living their desired lives jet. Women who are ready to break through their mental blocks and go after their dreams. Whether you feel overwhelmed or anxious or stressed, I will use my experience and knowledge that I have gained to teach you how you can live a more balanced life full of positivity. 

I have gained expertise from completing my masters, several degrees and courses, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and Coaching to name just a few. I use these as a base for the Women in Alignment Program.

Currently I am living with my husband and 3 kids (10, 8,5 years) in Spain. Originally I am Dutch, but are living abroad since 8 years. I love being outdoors and explore new places, from pristine beaches to the best cafe’s and restaurants ( I am a foodie:)). I usually read 3 books at the same time, do yoga, love going for a hike and recently started to play padel.

It’s my mission to show you the ways to a life that is full of love, inner calmness and alignment. The desired life that YOU love to live. Without feeling your inner struggles, but filled with joy and coming straight from your heart. I think you deserve a life that you love and that you feel that from your toes till the top of your head.

I am a big fan of positive psychology, the Law of Attraction, the work of Byron Katie. I also use my experience I gained from working as a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist – which is still the most evidence based methods to use for psychological treatments. 

My main message is that I believe in the strength and beauty of each woman, that anything is possible as long as you do the inner work in yourself.

I believe in true connections and know what life is really about. I learned that by some rough periods in my life, when we just moved to Spain and my dad passed away.  One of his last words were:
” There is only one thing that counts, that is LOVE”.

and he couldn’t be more right.

Yes, my life is not only sunshine and roses. I know all the sides of life. How it feels that your life is a bad movie and your emotions are going like a rollercoaster.

And even more this last year, where I had to say goodbye to my amazing sister in law and my dear friend, both way too young, died of cancer, leaving their young families behind.

I feel more and more to live my mission.

We live NOW. Let’s enjoy it as much as possible. So this is what I would love to spread, so you fully enjoy your life. Even when the other sides of life pop up. LOVE your life. Find the love within yourself. Start living the life that you love. It is the only thing that matters……

Are you READY for Women in Alignment?
First of all, there is no such thing as the perfect moment.
You don’t have to be ready.
Actually a lot of my clients are mostly feeling a bit nervous about starting coaching and this is very normal.
And I see this as a good sign.
Because you already noticed that you feel you want to change some things in your life.
But yes it is a bit scary, stepping out of your comfort zone. It is also your ego, trying to convince you to stay exactly where you are. And if that’s how you feel and decide – no worries, I totally get that.

However, If you feel that you want to start making progress and elevate your life, living a life that YOU love, than it will be helpful to focus on that. (This is actually one of the things I will dive deeper into- as this will help you a lot – switching from what is not helping you, to focus on what you are longing for, how you would like to feel and be).

Ask yourself, where do I want to be in 6 months from now? How would you like to feel?

If you feel now a YESSS, I want to feel different. Yes, I want to live my life on my terms.
Yes, I want to be and feel in ALIGNMENT.
Yes, I want to know how I can deal with my inner struggles.
Yes, I want to make the steps to the life I love and really start enjoying it.
Yes, I don’t want to look back at my life and regret that I did not allow myself this.

YESSS If this is how you want to FEEL, then you are more than welcome to join this unique program now!

Send me a DM or book your connection call so we can see if this is the right step for you.

The official Program begins October 4th and if you sign up before September 17th there is an amazing bonus of an extra exclusive 1:1 coaching session with me.

The Investment

Investment: €1777,-  ex VAT (The Value of this Program is €5777)

Payment plans available:

4 payments of €447,- (ex VAT)

6 payments of €299,- (ex VAT)

Early Bird Bonus: If you register before September 24th you will get an extra 1:1 coaching session with Lydia.

VIP option: There is a VIP option with more 1:1 coaching and support- starting at €2450,- (ex VAT)
Send me a message or book a call to find out more about the VIP options.
Limited spots available.